Fracap for Knickerbocker

Knickerbocker has enlisted century-old Italian bootmaker, Fracap, to produce two new iterations of the iconic hiking boot. Now on and the Knickerbocker Flagship located at 357 Canal St., New York, N.Y.

We are introducing the KF101, a low top hiker and the KF102, a take on the classic monkey boot silhouette. Each style comes in two colorways: black leather or brown suede.

Meant to be used for everyday city life as well as the outdoors, these designs combine strength and durability along with abundant comfort. The insole and lining are made from Italian calf leather so that your feet can breathe naturally. Each pair comes well equipped with hiking’s coveted Vibram® sole and hand selected Italian leather. The end product is a reliable shoe that will keep you in good hands from the Italian Alps to the streets of New York.

Photographed by Emma Trim with a special thanks to Ellsworth Classics for providing the car and location.

The KF102 Monkey Boot in black leather and the KF101 Hiker Shoe in brown suede.

L: The KF102 Money Boot in brown suede.

R: The KF101 Hiker Shoe in black leather.

Fracap for Knickerbocker AW22.

The KF102 in black leather paired with our Pacific Smock in navy and the Denim Deck Pant.

The KF101 in black leather with the Pacific Smock in navy, the Denim Deck Pant, and Silver I.D. Bracelet.

The KF102 in brown suede paired with our Corduroy Teddy Pant in light brown, and the Pointer Hoodie in heather grey.

The KF102 in brown suede with the Corduroy Teddy Pant and Pointer Hoodie from AW22.

A special thanks to our friends at Ellsworth Classics for the location and vehicle.

The Check Logo Ball Cap from AW22 paired with the K101 in brown suede and our Corduroy Teddy Pant in martini.

The KF101 in brown suede with our Pile Fleece Turtleneck in natural and the Corduroy Teddy Pant in martini.

The KF101 in brown suede with our York Raincoat in khaki, the Pile Fleece Turtleneck in natural, and the Corduroy Teddy Pant in martini.

The KF102 in black leather with our Pointer Sweater in oat, the Range Coat in navy, and the Silver I.D. Bracelet.

Photographed by our friend, Emma Trim.

The KF101 Hiker Shoe.

The KF102 Monkey Boot.

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