Editorial Campaign: SS23

Our Spring & Summer campaign takes you to Portugal, where Knickerbocker produces the majority of its collection. Your days are spent driving along winding countryside roads to the factories tucked away in the foothills, often run by generations of the same families. Small towns along the way beckon you in for a coffee or custard pastry. Or you take a lunch with the factory – where the first beer of the day is poured, laughs are had, and talk of work mostly remains off the table.

And in the moments between, you take it all in: The ornate “azulejo” tiles lining the walls. The layers of deep ochre baked onto the sides of the buildings. The soft pinks of the terracotta floors. The rolling farmlands dotted with sheep, whose wool may later be spun into textiles. The intricate cloth spread across your table, with the ever-present sunlight flickering through its fringes. The traditional ceramic dishware that holds your espresso. And the charm of two layered languages, eager to converse. You take time to appreciate these little moments. They follow you home and serve as a reminder to bring this same steady ardor into your life each day.